A probiotic that addresses unwanted behaviour in cats.

Does your cat suffer from over-grooming, anxiety, destructive or other bad behaviour?

This may occur due to a chemical imbalance in the brain.

Probiotics may be able to assist your cat with this imbalance.

Science is now investigating the effects of probiotics on the brain. Research is demonstrating that probiotics begin their work in the gut. Here there are chemicals produced by some probiotics ( like our Dynavyte Pets MBS) that in turn affect the brain in a positive way. But it doesn’t end here. Through these helpful effects on the brain further benefits can also be seen with the skin.

I have personally witnessed the positive effects that Dynavyte Pets MBS has on scatty older cats and cats suffering from over-grooming. The change in attitude of these troubled cats is the first thing that I have observed, followed by the improved health of their skin and hair. How bad and how long the skin condition/lack of hair has been present, will dictate the time it takes for you to see improvement in your cat.

I would suggest that if your cat has behavioural and/or skin problems that you at least give Dynavyte Pets MBS a go!

P.S. I have seen no long term adverse effects using probiotics in cats.

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