GoldKare for dogs is vet recommended ...

GoldKare is a revolutionary canine supplement that may help with the healthy maintenance of bone strength and density, while supporting cartilage and soft tissues. GoldKare is all about the essential "K" vitamins missing from most dogs' diets, along with curcumin ( the active in tumeric), and essential collagen.

Read further about the magic properties contained in GoldKare's ingredients from the desk of the Dynavyte Vet:

"The curcumin in GoldKare is water soluble, chemically stable and highly bioavailable producing much higher blood levels in the body compared to other formulations. This results in higher absorption from the gut. Other forms of curcumin are mainly used in the gut and do not get absorbed very well. The water-soluble form of curcumin bypasses the liver and is available for its beneficial properties."

"GoldKare uses a patented water-soluble form of vitamin K1 and K2. This product has been scientifically shown to increase bone density and bone strength (two different properties) in chickens and horses. Observations by vets in Germany suggest that this water-soluble form was of benefit for hip dysplasia in dogs." 

"Bacteria in the gut produce vitamin K2 and green leafy vegetables contain vitamin K1, however, these are in a fat-soluble form and produced in the colon. There is evidence that these fat-soluble forms of vitamin K are poorly absorbed and therefore not available in the blood stream." 

"Man made vitamin K3 has had many issues with toxicity and should be very cautiously added to animal feed."

"Vitamin D in GoldKare is provided to prevent deficiencies. Vitamin D has been shown to benefit: bone health and osteoporosis, cancer, cardiovascular disease, depression, multiple sclerosis, type 2 diabetes, and weight loss."

"The benefits of collagen in GoldKare are: joint stability and injury prevention, maintaining joint health and bone health, enhancing a healthy coat and skin health, stimulating appetite and aiding digestion."

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