Good gut microbiota means healthy kidneys for your cat.

Kidneys can be the "achilles heel" for some cats. New research points to probiotics as an answer, along with changes in nutrition

Medical researchers are suggesting that there is a gut-kidney axis present in the body. Studies are finding that the gut microbiota (formerly called the gut flora – all the microbes in the gut) affect places in the body far away from the gut.

There is also a suggestion that chemicals produced by probiotics and prebiotics (remember Dynavyte Pets MBS is a synbiotic – prebiotics plus probiotics) may have an indirect effect at places distant from the gut, for example bone, kidney, brain, skin, etc.. Some chemicals may affect hormones in the body and these hormones then have a positive effect on the problem showing in the animal.

A scientific review done in Queensland associates problems with the gut microbiota and chronic kidney disease (CKD). This same study also suggests that nutrition may be a novel way of treating CKD. The effective changes that are reviewed include: synbiotics, prebiotics, probiotics, protein and fibre.

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