Is there any advantage for me and my family in feeding my dog Dynavyte Pets MBS?

Dogs and their owners have been shown to share their microbiota. Therefore logically reducing the pathogens in and around your dog would be beneficial for everyone's health.

Early-life exposure of children to dogs, cats and other pets microbes may result in reducing human allergy development and obesity due to an imbalance of people’s gut microbiota.

Dynavyte Pets MBS is a synbiotic as it contains both probiotics ( microorganisms beneficial to animal health) and prebiotics ( selectively fermented substrates needed to feed the probiotic).

Dynavyte Pets MBS may address other unpleasant issues noticed when living closely with your dog; such as bad breath, flatulence and bowel and urinary tract problems.

Family pet, companion, assistance dog, therapy dog, service dog or working dog; every dog has a role in our lives deserving of our best support!

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