Is your pet bird stressed ...

Stress can affect caged birds in many forms even in the ideal situation. Disease, antibiotic use, heat stress, changes in diet and other stressors during the life cycle of caged birds occur at some time.

According to a leading bird medicine expert in Australia, Dr. Colin Walker BSc, BVSc, MRCVS, MACVSc (Avian health) probiotics are advantageous in the following situations:

“After any stress – Stress predictably disrupts the population of bacteria found in the bowel with the beneficial bacteria being the first ones to be lost. Once these beneficial bacteria are removed, an opening is created for an overgrowth of disease causing bacteria or yeasts. This can result in diarrhoea, decreased appetite and a vulnerability to disease.

Probiotics restore the balance of beneficial to non-beneficial bacteria. They are best given as soon as possible after the stress or just before the time of the stress. By doing so, disease problems may be avoided.

During breeding and moulting – Often, despite the best of care, breeding or moulting birds can become “run down”. Probiotic use is likely to protect the parents and, during breeding, the babies from disease.

Following purchase and transport – Catching and confinement can be extremely stressful particularly in naturally nervous species. Interrupted feeding and drinking patterns provide further physiological stress.

Following antibiotic use – Many antibiotics not only target disease-causing bacteria, but also kill the beneficial bacteria of the bowel. When antibiotic treatment ceases, the bowel can re-populate with bacteria from the birds’ immediate environment. Probiotics can help protect the birds from disease during this time.

After fledging – Less disease can be expected after weaning if birds are probiotic-supplemented until they are feeding properly and have established themselves in the aviary.”

The versatility of the product makes Dynavyte Pretty Bird a perfect inclusion for caged bird health. 

Dynavyte Pets Pretty Bird is a liquid prebiotic and probiotic (synbiotic) showing very promising results with caged birds. The convenience of a liquid synbiotic made with chemical free water is designed to be included in the feed.

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