The right probiotic promotes happier dog poo ...

Is your dog producing their best poo? The probiotic in Dynavyte Pets MBS can help here.

A study was published in January 2019 showing the effects of feeding Bacillus subtilis to dogs. (Dynavyte Pets contains Bacillus subtilis PLUS prebiotics for extra benefits).

This research found:
Firmer faeces (easier to clean up)
Increased dry matter content in faeces (easier to clean up)
Decrease in ammonia (less smell)
Decrease in acidity of faeces
Increase in short-chain fatty acids (involved in many health benefits)
Higher digestion of fat (more energy from food)
Higher carbohydrate digestion (more energy from food)

All of these findings suggest better gut health and better overall wellness for dogs by feeding Bacillus subtilis daily ( the active ingredient in Dynavyte Pets MBS) Something to smile about!

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