Unhealthy dogs benefit from HA

HA is constantly metabolised by the body breaking it down, and eliminating these by-products in the urine.

Disease accelerates the breakdown rate of HA.

Additionally, HA can be broken down by ultrasound, heat treatments and oxidants. Oxidants cause tissue damage in many parts of the body and can be of environmental origin as well as produced by the body itself.

The body produces oxidants during exercise, inflammation, disease, ageing, cancer, etc.

Importantly, HA is broken down by inflammation with that inflammatory fluid containing bits of HA causing more damage (a vicious cycle that can be broken by oral dosing of a high molecular weight HA such as Dancing Dog).

This inflammation is seen in osteoarthritis where HA has been shown to improve joint pain and function.

Therefore, HA supplementation is advisable for joint conditions, wound/tissue repair, inflammatory conditions, immunity, ageing and during rehab treatments.

Recent studies have shown HA to slow bone loss and lessen the symptoms of acid reflux.

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