Why give healthy dogs HA?

HA (Hyaluronic Acid) is naturally produced in the body for normal bodily functioning.

Importantly, HA supports healthy joints and movement in the healthy dog.

HA is also involved with the innate immune system, the part of the immune system that responds quickly to foreign invaders.

HA is normally found in joint fluid, skin, blood vessels, serum, brain, cartilage, bone, heart valves, eyes, fascia (connective tissue between organs and tissues) and the umbilical cord. Joint fluid has the highest concentration in body.

HA is constantly metabolised by the body and passed in the urine. Absorption of a dose given by mouth starts at about 30 minutes with peak absorption seen at about 6 hours. Approximately 13% was found at 72 hours.

Therefore, Dynavyte Dancing Dog is recommended to be given in food once a day.

Senior Dogs:

Less HA is produced as your dog ages. Therefore, a supplement containing high molecular weight HA is advisable for the health of your senior dog, even if they are healthy. Dynavyte Dancing Dog contains a high molecular weight.

Pregnant Bitches:

Pregnant bitches need HA for the neural crest development in the foetus. Defects in the neural crest produce problems with the formation and function of heart, blood vessels, nerves, skull, cartilage and connective tissues.

HA has been shown to promote muscle cell movement and growth in the foetus.

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