Will anyone tell you if your dog smells ...

Like having BO yourself, in the polite world smelly dogs are a taboo subject.

Smelly dogs often have skin conditions on various parts of the body that smell or stink. This is very obvious in a small confined space such as your car. They constantly smell musty or wet.

I have personally seen smelly dogs respond to Dynavyte Pets MBS within one to two weeks.

(Also please see my blog post on flatulence or farting).

How may Dynavyte Pets MBS help?

Medical researchers are finding that the gut microbiota (formerly called the gut flora – all the microbes in the gut) affects places in the body far away from the gut.

One suggested way that this works with the skin is through the gut-brain-skin axis.

There is also a suggestion that the natural chemicals produced by probiotics and prebiotics (remember Dynavyte Pets MBS s a synbiotic – a prebiotics plus probiotics) may have an indirect effect at places distant from the gut for example bone, kidney, brain, skin, etc.

Some of these natural chemicals may affect hormones in the body and these hormones then have a positive effect on the problem showing in the animal.

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