Our pet probiotic is vet-formulated and made at a registered facility.

Behind our pet probiotic are two people with unique qualifications. On their shoulders’ "rest brains the size of the planet …*"

For us at Dynavyte, they combined to design, research and manufacture our unique Dynavyte Pets MBS.

For this alone, they’re worth reading about.

 Hubert Regtop is a biochemist and microbiologist holding a Masters of Science, from the University of New South Wales. Hubert has an esteemed career as an University lecturer, research fellow and research director in partnerships with Universities in the US and United Kingdom.

In 1983, he formed Biochemical Veterinary Research (BVR) with Dr Ray Biffin, designing and manufacturing a range of pharmaceutical drugs and nutritional lines for animals. An early success was treating inflammation in dogs and horses. This company today is Agricure.

Hubert was responsible for introducing standardised herbs in Australia, and was commissioned to design and present educational courses on herbal medicine for pharmacists in Australia.

He still consults and lectures on the role of nutrition in medicine, to major health food companies, doctors and pharmacists. He has authored twenty-two scientific publications and has had twenty-three patents approved.

Ray Biffin is a veterinarian and nutritionist with a prodigious career in surgery. He established Murrurundi Horse Hospital, being the first surgeon in world to achieve athletic repair of ruptured anterior cruciate ligaments in horses. He pioneered the use of floatation therapy in the rehabilitation of crippled horses.

Ray has written and designed the programs for the NSW TAFE Farriers’ Apprenticeship and training, NSW Jockeys Apprenticeships’ and NSW Horse Management Diplomas’. 

As a nutritionist Ray changed the trainer-breeder misconceptions of horse feeding to a scientific, nutritionally balanced approach. Forming the company, Mitavite, he was the first in the world to come up with the idea of putting everything a horse needed into one feed.

This approach to horse nutrition is now standard.

Responding to a market need, Ray teamed up with world-renowned biochemist Hubert Regtop to establish Biochemical Veterinary Research (BVR), now Agricure. It provides the equine industry with vital research and product development while maintaining a nutrition consultancy to canine, equine and human athletes.


* “A brain the size of the planet” Andrew Denton ABC TV Series “Enough Rope”.

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