Dulcie the Saint Bernard

Read about Michelle's amazing results with Dulcie the Saint Bernard after trialling Dynavyte MBS.

"One of the biggest changes since starting the Dynavyte MBS we have noted in Dulcie is that it has dramatically improved her appetite.

She was an incredibly picky eater, literally would eat one day and then not the next, even with giving her special treats like chicken breast, sardines, meal toppers etc.

To begin with, she was quite hesitant to eat anything with the MBS added (which was my main concern prior to starting the product), but by adding it slowly and building up the dose over a couple of weeks we noticed that she was actually eating like a normal dog! 

It's so funny as owning a giant breed dog the most common question you get is 'how much does she eat' and our Dulcie just didn't fit the normal for Saint Bernards, or most dogs when it came to food for that matter.

The other improvement we have noticed is her overall skin and hair condition. In her short lifespan, she has already had skin infections between her paws and an ear infection. With the MBS added to her diet she hasn't been scratching at herself nor has she had any skin flare-ups. 

We initially delayed starting the trial with Dulcie as she came into season for the first time and didn't want that to slur the results. Our breeder warned us that Dulcie's Mum and a lot of other female dogs lose hair when coming into their heat cycle. While we can't be 100% sure it was due to the MBS, but she did not lose any extra hair and when her breeder saw her she was amazed how well she had kept her coat condition.

We are so grateful to have been chosen by Dynavyte to trial MBS with our girl and now that we've just about finished our bottle and have had such terrific results I will be recommending it to friends and to Dulcie's 5k plus Instagram followers. 

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