Mia The Ragdoll

My older Ragdoll cat Mia has been battling ear infections and generally feeling miserable for a while now and after talking to the vet costing me a fortune in medications with her still feeling off and flat.

She has been taking the new product Dynavyte MBS Microbiome Support for Cats for 1 week now and I am very happy and slightly excited that she is energetic and playful again and generally looks so much better. To my surprise, she is consuming the liquid very easily in her wet food which I was unsure if she would be happy to do! Mia and her young kitten friend Misty are also getting along better, Mia has been so grumpy whilst she has been feeling off-colour, I assume because Mia is feeling better she is tolerating the kitten playfulness much better!

Misty is also having Dynavyte MSB Microbiome Support. I decided to try it out on my dear cat Mia as I have been using Dynavyte on my horses for some time now. My horses feel good and are performing well and their coats look shiny and glossy.

Thank you, Reg and all your team for producing again another amazing product.

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