Introductory probiotic dosing

On rare occasion some animals, often those most in need of the product, can have adjustment issues when beginning Dynavyte Pets MBS.

This can show as loose bowel motions or less commonly, retching or vomiting (remember cats and dogs eat grass when they are feeling poorly to have the same effect).

If this is your pet, don’t despair, and please don’t give up. It really is a sign that their microbiome needs balancing. To handle this transition period, adjust the dose.

For dogs, halve the recommended daily dose for their size and increase this by one ml in weekly intervals until the full dose is reached.

With cats, start with 1ml daily and increase the dose weekly until the recommended 5ml daily is achieved.

Your pet will thank you for your perseverance when the benefits of Dynavyte Pets MBS start to take hold. It takes three days for the probiotic to start doing its work, and conversely three days for its work to be missed after stopping dosage.

Standard recommended dosage:
Small Dogs <10 5ml daily
Mid Dogs <25 10ml daily
Large Dogs >25 20ml daily
Cats 5ml daily

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